• Successfully partnered with a Japanese company to sell the localized iTools Voice Changer in CD boxes in July 2009. This was the first retail contract for AVSoft Corp.
  • Successfully cooperated with a US corporation to sell Voice Changer Software to their users. This activity increased total revenue by 28% in July 2008.
  • Successfully bundled a toolbar with AVSoft Corp.’s software in January 2008. Monthly bundle sales accounted for 8%-10% of total revenue.
  • Successfully signed an ESD contract with a Japanese company to sell AVSoft Corp.’s localized software online in January 2007. Monthly, ESD sales accounted for 16%-20% of total revenue.
  • Successfully released the new version 3.0 of Music Morpher product line in March 2006. The campaign increased total revenue by 90%.
  • Successfully applied Google AdSense to the main website audio4fun.com in October 2005. Monthly, ads revenue accounted for 6%-8% of total revenue.